Concrete Dream Film Festival is an International film and art event created by filmmaker and actress, Rena Riffel. The festival program consists of arthouse, avant-garde, and experimental films which will be shown at the event. The films selected as the winners of the competition will be screened on the day of the festival at a live event held at the arthouse theater in West Los Angeles, Revive Theater on June 9 and AC Gallery in the heart of Hollywood June 11-16. The film festival provides live screenings, awards ceremony on June 10 at AC Gallery, and publicity to the films and the filmmakers.

The idea is but a dream that becomes a concrete form after it is captured on film or digital film and we can experience it in this little capsule of time… That is the thought that sparked the name and concept for the film festival. I am drawn to films that stand apart from the commercial formula and I found this within avant-garde, experimental, and arthouse film, in both contemporary and older films. I am excited to create this annual film festival event in order to bring awareness of the joy and expansion that can be found when typical movie structures are challenged which create inspiring works of art.

More developments and announcements will be coming soon!